2010 Cursillista Involvement/Participation


Name:  _________________________________            Home Tel #: (___) _____________


Address: ______________________________City_______________________Zip___________


E-Mail Address: ____________________________________


I am involved and support the mission of Cursillo by: (Check all that apply)


_____            Involvement in or committing to be part of a 4th Day small group to support and encourage my spiritual growth and apostolic action.

_____ Serving as a member of at least one of the following Servant Communities.

                                    (CHECK THE SERVANT COMMUNITY OF INTEREST)

            _____Pre-Cursillo    ______3 Day Weekend    ______Fourth Day    ______Administrative

            (They meet every other month to work on ideas and make recommendations to the Secretariat. They are the “backbone” of the Cursillo Movement and also serve as a small group for spiritual support and encouragement.)

_____            Supporting Ultreyas and Group Reunions

_____            Providing financial support of $20 or more yearly to help support the Cursillo Movement.

_____ (Checks payable: Anglican Cursillo of CA, send with completed form to Linda Bettencourt

            (address below)

_____            Encouraging sponsorship and/or sponsoring a candidate into a "4th day" group and/or a

3 Day Weekend. (Candidate applications are available on the web site.)

_____            Submitting my Work Application with current address, phone, E-mail, etc.

(Work Applications are available on the web site.)

_____  Serving as a Cursillo Coordinator at my local Church/Parish

_____  Serving as an Area Coordinator coordinating activities at congregations within a geographical area.

_____  Being part of the Sponsor Training team.

_____ Working on a task force to "Enhance Clergy Relations with the Cursillo Movement”


Involvement for past Rector/a(s):

            _____            Serving on a resource team of Shepherds for a 3 Day Weekend team.








____________________________________                        ________________

Signed                                                                                      Date


***  Return to:  Linda Bettencourt, 1104 Granada Ct., Antioch, CA 94509   ***

Cursillista Involvement/Participation form 2010    Revised 6/9/2010


NOTE: Completion of this form also enables us to keep our database up to date and know who we can call on for service in the Cursillo Movement. If you DO NOT update this form yearly, you may be removed from our database.