Do you know?

 We are called to Christianize our environment and one way we do so is to sponsor others to become part of Cursillo.  Sponsorship is a pre-Cursillo, 3 Day Weekend, and Fourth Day responsibility.

Are you ready to sponsor?

-      Do you know the purpose of Cursillo?

Participation in a 4th Day group for spiritual growth and encouragement

       -      To Christianize your environment through your church

-      Do you know the purpose of the Cursillo Weekend? (The Beginning)

       -      A short course in Christianity...

       -      A Christian weekend: that is Christ centered...

       -      Led by laity and clergy alike...

               An experience uniquely theirs and that no two are alike.

-      Are you active in a 4th day group?  (The rest of our lives)

-      Are you aware of the costs of sponsoring? (Varies with team)

               A Cursillo picture for your candidate (approximately $20.00)

       -      Cursillo Coffee Mug (based upon team requirements) (approximately $10.00)

               Songs & Creation Large Print songbook (based upon team requirements) (approximately $20.00)

-      Are you prepared to meet the needs of your candidate's family during the weekend?

-      You cannot effectively work on a weekend and sponsor a candidate alone. (Get a co-sponsor or two who are not on the team.)

-      Have you received sponsor training?


Is your candidate ready for Cursillo?


-      Is your candidate:

       -  An active Christian?

Open to renewal and reaffirmation?  (This is what Cursillo is all about)

            Not currently experiencing a major life event?  (Focus is on Christ, not a life crisis.)

            Physically able to participate? (Facilities not always handicapped friendly)


Have you prepared your candidate for Cursillo?

-      Have you prayed about God's timing for your candidate's 3 Day Weekend experience?

-      Have you explained Cursillo to your candidate and provided them details about the weekend and the 4th day, leaving the surprises for the actual weekend

-      Tell about silence on Thursday night for reflection

-      About leaving watches and other communication devices with the world at home.

-      Leaving valuables at home (no need for them and limited security)

       Explain the Eucharist will be of the Episcopal form and may be different for them

Dress will be casual and to bring a warm sweater and comfortable shoes.

Sleeping arrangements - Mattresses on beds –bring sleeping bags, or sheets and pillow case. Blankets, spread, and pillow are furnished.

       Night time may be filled with sounds of snoring - bring ear plugs if concerned.

       Explained the table groups and listening to laity and clergy talks, discussing what was said, and making it meaningful to their lives.

-      Explain the cost for the weekend - Currently, the cost of the weekend is $180 per person which includes all meals and lodging. Though your weekend has already been paid for by the Cursillo Community, we would be happy to accept any full or partial payments prior to or after the weekend to help support future Candidates.

-      Asked your candidate to be open to their experience and to trust you, the Team themselves and God?


Will you:


-      Attend the Sponsor's meeting meet the Team, receive a preview of your candidate's weekend and talk with your Candidates Table Leaders?

-      Support your candidate and the team with Palanca, both spiritual and visual?

-      Respect the requests of the team?

-      Give your candidate over to the Holy Spirit and team - let go - and SUPPORT WITH PRAYER?

-      Monitor any condition that may cause your candidate to miss the weekend and report that situation to the Rector/a. Be patient if your candidate must cancel.


       Follow through on commitments made to your candidate and his/her family?


On Thursday will you:


-      Bring your candidate to 3 Day Weekend at the time requested by the team or call if a problem arises, contact the team via their "contact" phone at the weekend location.

-      Avoid over-exuberance upon meeting other Cursillistas?

       Attend the Sponsor’s Commissioning along with the Team and Candidates.

-      Leave promptly when asked?

For all “community events” on the weekend, will you attend and respect the team's suggestions/directions?

For Clausura will you:


-      Be there on time? (Determined by team and communicated at sponsor’s meeting.)

Pick up family members of special friends to attend if that is your candidate’s wish.

       Accept where your candidate is in terms of his/her experience?

       (Don't compare Cursillo’s)

-      Be sensitive to the needs of your new Cursillista's needs and meet with unselfish love?

-      Spend Sunday night with your new Cursillesta at Homecoming or somewhere appropriate?

-      Be flexible to meet his/her needs as opposed to fulfilling your desires?

-      Introduce the new Cursillesta to his/her broader community.


For Fourth Day will you:

-      Contact (preferably in person) the new Cursillesta on the Monday of their Fourth Day?

-      Be sensitive to where he/she is on Monday?

-      Help him/her Christianize their environments?

-      Inform them of Bridge-Over Meetings and Ultreya’s and encourage participation?

       Help them find a Fourth Day Group and encourage their participation?

       Be there when he/she "Comes Down"?

-      Let them become ultimately responsible to work out their  commitment in their OWN TIME  and in their OWN WAY?



During the first year, will you:


       Continue to pray for and follow up with his/her activities?

-      Encourage then to attend Sponsor's Training and to sponsor a Candidate for a 3 Day Weekend and involvement in the Cursillo movement.  Invite them to Work a Weekend by completing a Work Application?


Additional Thoughts:

 Some anxiety on the part of our candidates is not a bad thing.  When we are anxious, we are alert and ready for action.  If we are totally comfortable, we enjoy our experiences, but we are not challenged.  Much can be told to put our candidates at ease and avoid feelings of "secrecy".  Often times it is our manner, rather than our words, that put expectations on our candidates.

Most probably the whole world will not become involved in the Cursillo Movement. I, personally, alone, cannot give this gift to anyone! It is not a good idea to sponsor "strangers". When we truly know and trust ourselves and are committed to live Christian lives, we can move through our sponsorship naturally and with love and concern for our candidates.

We all come down at different times: in one day, one week, months, or years. We need to be there for our candidate when this happens. Coming down is quite normal, in fact, can be a positive experience. Remember - without Good Friday, there can be no Easter.

We cannot take away another's pain, but we can still have a responsibility to this person as a child of God and as our brother or sister; however, our candidates have the responsibility for what he/she does with what they have been given. We need to forgive ourselves when we feel we have fallen short in our sponsorship.  Someone once compared our responsibilities as sponsors to those of being God Parents.