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The following process is supplied to make it easier to become a more informed, effective sponosr. As always, your feedback on the process is important. Please note your comments as you read the "On Being an Informed Sponsor" material below and complete the Sponsor Registration form below. Thank you for taking time to become a more effective sponsor for your candidate.

1. Select (Click "On Being an Informed Sponsor" below) and study the document and note any questions or comments you may have. You may submit the questions or contact any of the Sponsor Trainers for answers or clarification.


2. Complete the Sponsor Registration Form below noting any questions, comments or constructive criticism and submit it to the Sponsor Training Coordinator.


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Please enter any questions, comments or other feedback below concerning the information or process of Sponsor Information Self Guide. We very much appreciate your contributions, help, and yes, even criticisms if you feel it appropriate. With your help we will continue to build our website into a more valuable resource for our Brothers and Sisters in Christ.





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