Sponsor Training


Why is there a need to be re-trained or initially trained as a 3-Day Weekend sponsor?  Places, and practices have changed significantly from the 3 Day Weekends you have sponsored candidates to in the past. To better prepare you and your candidate for their 3-Day Weekend and for you and your community to better support your candidate in their journey as future "saints and apostles,"  a new sponsor training program has been created.


To sponsor a candidate in 2011 and beyond, you need to attend one of the following sponsor training sessions:


Date                 Time                Location


Currently there are no scheduled sponsor training sessions.  Ask your Cursilo Congregational Coordinator to schedule one for your congregation.  Contact the Sponsor Trainer below:



Would you like to schedule a sponsor training session for your entire church Cursillo community? For 10 or more persons, sponsor trainers will come to your facility at a mutually agreeable date and time and conduct sponsor training at your church facility. To arrange for this service, contact the closest sponsor trainer to your church to make the arrangements.


Sponsor Trainer:       Sally Riggs   510-232-1954




> Self Sponsor Training:
Becoming a Sponsor has just become easier!
Sponsor Training Self Guide


Last updated 6/7/2010