Talking about "Study"

              One Fourth Day group uses the Episcopal "Forward DAY BY DAY" daily devotional guide as a basis for its ecumenical group.

              One aspect of a "Fourth Day group" is common "study."  There is a talk (rollo) on a Cursillo retreat weekend which has the titles:  "Study." Sometimes people talk about "learning" others talk about "spiritual growth."  Sadly, no simple title for the talk can really comprehend the intended concept.  That makes it very difficult for groups to "know what to do" as their commitment to study together.  Perhaps "spiritual growth" is the best simple way to understand the intention.

              As Christians we need to be rooted in the Bible.  So, as small groups of Christians gather for prayer, "study" and action, an essential aspect of that study needs to focus on the Bible.  However, it is not merely a matter of reading the words of Scripture.  Study includes making sense out of the texts.

              So, "study" includes devotional materials and commentaries.  It includes shared reflections, stories, and personal experiences which help others understand the meaning and application of Scripture to daily life. 

              The central issue of common "study" is making sense of God's hopes for us, in growing and adapting ways.  The insight of others can be useful in doing this.