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Team List

® = Rookie

Rector/Rectora               Bob and Debbie Czerwinski

Ass’t. Rector/Rectora     Jack and Mary Kincaid

Spiritual ldrs.                  Father Rob Droste ®

                                      Deacon Lani Nelson

Head Cooks                   Ed and Candy Sykes

Music Director               Bob Coston

Ass’t. Music Director     Jenny Ryan (1st Core)

MOSSAFs                     Bob Hope

                                     Peter Norman (1st Core)


Table Leaders

Mal Cameron                          Peggy Clabaugh ®

Kay Filak                                    Chip Filak ®

Charles Lacy ®                    Gwen Page

Christine Paynton              Veronique Schutz

Karen Taylor



Fran Bowman                      Den Bowman

Patty Hope                              Carol Lacy ®

Lynn Locher ®                  Ralph Locher ®

Pam Luhmann                    Jim Luhmann

Cynthia Mittelsteadt      Bill Messana


Palanca Angels

Claire Burke ®                  Lola Chase               Linda Chase-Stroud