C U R S I L L O !

About our Banner...

The banner on the left side of our pages was created by artist Karen Haddon in 1994 in honor of our community's 30th anniversary. Its inspiration comes from the sixth chapter of the book of Mark: verses 7-13 where Jesus sends his disciples out "two by two," and verses 30-32 where he reunites with them upon their return. Its gold center column symbolizes the immediate presence of Jesus while its translucent background represents the Glory of God revealed as we teach, preach and heal. The three flowing strands represent the Trinity and our community's three decades in the Bay Area. Each strand consists of two "royal" colors to signify that, as children of a Heavenly King, we are sent out two-by-two to do God's work. The light and dark colors side-by- side represent our individual strengths and weaknesses, while the gold "binding" is the Holy Spirit who empowers us. As the strands progress the colors change positions to indicate that our roles also change as we move along our Spiritual journey. And, where the strands intersect is where our Ultreyas (reunions with Christ) happen. Just as the disciples would get together to share what had happened to them on their journeys, so should we meet often to celebrate God's glory and pass it on.


Here's a picture of the banner: