This is our Bishop, Marc Andrus, the Episcopal Bishop of California, who oversees our local secretariatHe has co-celebrated every East Bay Anglican Cursillo Sunday Closura Communion since 2008. 

       He can be reached at 415-673-1510 and be emailed at



    Anglican Cursillo of California Secretariat


Local East Bay Anglican Secretariat Contact List


Note: The contact information will change over time. Please help us by supplying known changes to the contact information via the "Feedback" page located here.


Position Name Phone # Email Address
Lay Director Linda Daniel 510-234-0174

Asst. Lay Director Vacant  
Past Lay Director Mark Mueller 925-240-7618
Spiritual Advisor John Rawlinson 510-569-7691
Treasurer Linda Bettencourt 925-757-8291
Secretary Joanna Henrichs

Candidate Applications Linda Bettencourt 925-757-8291
Work Applications Linda Bettencourt 925-757-8291
Sponsor Training Sally Riggs 510-232-1954
Footprints Editor Sally Riggs 510-232-1954
Kairos Community Sherry Sheets 925-846-6881
Catholic/Filipino Community John Gishe 925-754-7121
Roosters Boosters representative Mike Schutz 925-673-9805

Web Master John Gishe 925-754-7121


Last updated 10/12/2010