Lay Director: Stephen A. Shaffer Fall 2002 Spiritual Director: Fr. John Rawlinson

Spiritual Enrichment

Our First Cursillo Renewal
(Spiritual Enrichment) Weekend
May 24 - 26, 2002
Brentwood Oaks Bed & Breakfast

by Tom Henry

Seventeen persons participated in the first Cursillo Renewal (Spiritual Enrichment) weekend. Some of their comments are: "Thought provoking questions were answered through the Holy Spirit at Brentwood." "It made me think of changes to be made in my spiritual life." "I think it opened the door for me." "The concept of balance was modeled, not just talked about." "All the talks were "right on," and very helpful in restructuring my life." " Lots of "take home" to sustain renewal." " We were given specific directions on what we need to do to improve our spiritual life." "Focus on "Rule of Life" framework of the talks was coherent." "It gave me plenty of food for thought without being "heavy"."

What else happened? There were several integrated talks with specific suggestions on handouts to aid individuals in their spiritual growth. There was time for table discussions…

There was time for music. Our leader was Mike Mirabella and he treated us to new songs and many old favorites…

The retreat was held in a beautiful setting in Brentwood. Some took time to enjoy the swimming pool and spa. Others found time for that quiet walk to really let God speak to them.

The purpose of the weekend was Spiritual Enrichment and from the feedback everyone did experience God in a new and exciting way.

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