Lay Director: Stephen A. Shaffer Fall 2002 Spiritual Director: Fr. John Rawlinson

You've Got Mail!

by Bruce Howland

About a year ago I had the pleasure of serving on a co-ed Cursillo team. As a team, we naturally handed out team rosters with phone numbers so the team could stay in contact with one another. This time in addition to the numerous e-mails we used to communicate with each other, we set up a "group" mailing list that included everyone on the team. Whenever any one member of the team needed to send an e-mail, they only had to send it once to the group address and everyone on the team received a copy. It was wonderful. Yes, there were the usual administrative notes…but…..we also included any e-mails that touched our lives. Prayer requests, inspirational messages, Bible quotations and e-cards were circulating all during team formation. We truly did feel connected to each other through our love for Jesus and the candidates when the weekend started.

After the weekend we included the candidates into the e-mail group. It made perfect sense, since we had included them into our family on the weekend. Now the newly formed community of team and candidates could stay connected after the weekend….and we did too.

What a blessing the last year has been. The prayer requests and uplifting e-mails have continued to circulate amongst everyone on the list. Recently it was my job to "close" the list and forward everyone's address into the larger community lists. As I handled the task I remembered our weekend together as the best and most loving weekend I had ever been on.

Who would have ever thought that a simple little e-mail group could be so dramatic a tool to bind a community together in Christ's love? His blessings abound everywhere….so don't ever be surprised if "you've got mail from".

Hold to His Hand,
Bruce Howland-Rector

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