Anglican Secretariat of California, Inc.
"Ideas Page"

This page is an informal and perhaps not-very-well-organized place where we can simply dump ideas that we (your web development team) or you (as suggested via Feedback or otherwise) have about what we might do with this site in the future.

We encourage, no, we beg you to contribute to these ideas. At the very least, drop us a note to let us know if you think these ideas are good or bad, so that we can have some sense of whether we are proceeding with your blessings or in a direction you don't want us to go. Ok? Thanks!

Here are some "Ideas"

I   Add a page (or series of pages) of Tools for the Fourth Day

  • Holiness
    • Ideas about how to further one's personal relationship with God
    • Links?
    • Text of past Rollos?
  • Formation
    • Ideas about how to prepare one's self for life in the real world
    • Links?
    • Text of past Rollos?
  • Evangelization
    • Ideas about "every-day" evangelization, eg. uplifting messages to friends (or strangers!)
    • Links?
    • Text of past Rollos?

II   The Community Center

Really, shouldn't the whole site be "The Community Center?"

  • Bulletin Board
  • Welcome Center
  • Prayer Requests and Lists
  • List of Churches
  • List of Ministers
  • Fourth Day Connections

III   Provide access to "Administrative" tools

  • Update one's registration information
  • Obtain mailing lists (properly qualified individuals only)

IV   Establish a Mailing List, i.e., the listserver type

V   Make the Site Searchable!

This is a Must Do!