C U R S I L L O !

This is the Testimonials page. Here you'll find the Cursillo experiences from a variety of people who have been through a weekend. If you have made your Cursillo, please feel free to add your experience to the growing list.

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Cursillo caused a radical paradigm shift in my perspective of life and continues everyday in my personal relationship with our Lord, my wife and our family. I remember once I returned home, could finally dry my eyes and attempted to explain my feelings…. my wife saying something like ‘it took God 7 days to made the World, but Cursillo only 3 days to change me’. That was close to 20 years ago and still my “Sweety” and I are blessed to continue serving on Cursillo Teams and observing the heart warming metamorphose from Candidates to New Cursillestas. We live “DayByDay”.

- Bob Czerwinski (St. James Episcopal in Fremont)

  Men's May '90 Cursillo Weekend at St. Benedict's in San Francisco              


Since making my Cursillo in 1977, I have worked on several teams as Christ's instrument of love, joy and peace. In each of the dozen or so Cursillos I have attended, I have seen the face of Christ on my brothers and sisters. When thinking of someone to sponsor for this unique Christian experience, I believe that a good way to describe a Cursillo is "one of the most joyful, fun and rewarding experiences I have had as a Christian believer." There are a number of miracles, big and small, that I can recount which occurred either on the weekend itself, or as a result of the Cursillo experience. Every time I work a Cursillo weekend, my life is enriched in a beautiful and wondrous way. "Have You Seen Jesus, My Lord?" is one of the wonderful songs commonly sung during some Cursillo weekends. My answer is "Yes...many times."

- John Kelly, Men's '77 Cursillo Weekend

I am happy to share my blessed experience as a team member for the coed Crusillo October 14, 2001. This is the first time I worked a Crusillo, and as a Rollista, I had no idea what or how to give a rollo. I received help and many suggestions from fellow team members. Ultimately, what got me through were prayers and the Holy Spirit.

The day of my rollo, the cooks and spiritual director prayed over me. When I stepped up to talk, I felt an indescribable energy flowing through my body and guiding my every thought, my every expression and my every word. This energy coordinated all of my skills with my passion for God. I was not myself, but a spokesperson for God, who directed me as a Symphony conductor directs his orchestra. The Holy Spirit was my conductor and he sent Godís message to you, those whoís hearts were open and whom He wanted to reach.

I felt the Lordís presence throughout my rollo. Words canít describe my experience of the surge of passion, warmth, love and closeness to God as I spoke during my rollo. My heart remained open as I let the Spirit guide me. This rollo, and the Crusillo weekend has brought me closer to God and the Christian Community more than ever before. I saw Jesus in your faces. In John 14:9, Jesus says.. "Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father." When I got home Sunday evening, I felt Godís love and sorrow. The love He has for all of His children and at the same time, the sorrow and hurt he feels from the misdeeds His children do to each other. The closer I came to God, the more I felt Godís pain. With just a very small glimpse of Godís feelings, I was overwhelmed and I burst out in tears and could not stop that Sunday evening, and Monday evening as well. I am blessed and I feel privileged to serve God by working with His people through the Crusillo and through my Christian Community. Letís give it up to the Lord and praise Him, and continue to do His Will.

May the Grace of the Lord Jesus be with you.

God bless, Henry

- Henry Williams, Men's '99 Cursillo Weekend.

When I arrived on Thursday night of my weekend, I had no idea what to expect. I came with an open mind and an open heart and left the rest up to God. At first, it was just another weekend retreat, but as the weekend progressed, I came to know better the unconditional love of God through the Cursillo community. The great and long-lasting friendships I have as a result of trusting in Holy Sprit are more than I could have ever asked for in life.

- Grant Davis, Men's '98 Cursillo Weekend.


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