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Application To Serve On A Weekend Team

To serve on a Weekend team is a commitment and a sacrifice. It is a commitment to the Cursillo Movement, to yourself, to the team, and to Christ and is not to be taken lightly. When you are called, you will be given a schedule of team meetings. If there is a reason you won't be able to attend all of the meetings, this probably isn't the right time for you to serve. The most important reason for team meetings is to build community - and this process doesn't work without all involved. So, please pray about your decision when you are called to serve on a team.

Being a member of a Weekend team is not only a sacrifice of your time, but there is also a dollar cost. The cost per team member is approximately $160.00. This is payable before your actual weekend. Someone on your team will be designated to collect this money. There is a limited scholarship fund available for team members; we never want money to be a reason not to serve. Linda Bettencourt, Treasurer of our Secretariat, will gladly work out virtually any payment plan with you, but it is necessary to contact her before the 3-Day Weekend (925-757-8291). There are other costs which may apply to your weekend such as mugs, cook's aprons, picture, songbook, tee shirt, hat, etc. These costs are determined by each respective team and cannot come out of the allocated budget for the weekend.

If you have prayed and feel His call, rejoice.DECOLORES!


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Revised 6/7/2010