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What is Cursillo?



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Jim Luhman, local Cursillista and videographer, created this video called “What is Cursillo”.

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The word, CURSILLO (pronounced: coor-SEE-oh), comes from the Spanish and means "a short course" - that is, a course such as the one would run in a race. The full title, CURSILLIOS IN CHRISTIANDAD, has been translated, "short courses in Christian living."

The classic definition of the Cursillo is that given in The Fundamental Ideal of the Cursillo Movement:

"The Cursillo is a movement of the Church which, with its own method, makes it possible to live what is fundamental for being a Christian, in order to create nuclei of Christians who engage in leavening their environments with the Gospel, helping to discover and achieve their personal vocation with respect to the same."

This definition tells us two things. First, that Cursillo is intended to help Christians learn and live what is fundamental as a Christian. And, secondly, having done that, to help these same Christians discover and live out a personal vocation.

Another, familiar way to express the same two-fold idea is that Cursillo is intended to make saints and apostles. Saints are people who know God, who know God's love and grace, and who live their lives from this relationship. Apostles are saints who have a mission to share that same knowledge with others.

Still another way to put the purpose of Cursillo is in the phrase: "For us…for others." That is, it captures the Old Testament sense of the call of Abraham, "I will bless you…so that you will be a blessing. (Gen. 12:2)" Christians ARE blessed, although most may be only faintly aware of just HOW blessed.. And yet, this blessing is for a purpose - not just to be received - "for us" - but to be handed on - "for others."

Cursillo attempts to reach its two-fold goal by:

  1. Helping Christians measure the depths of their faith to find its reality and richness;
  2. Inspiring Christians to get on with their mission in the world by hearing and heeding God's call;
  3. Connecting Christians in networks that will enable them to carry out their mission;
  4. Holding up examples of everyday Christians who are acting as apostles in their ordinary life settings.
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